Halo Legends (2010) Reviews

Halo Legends (2010)

Halo Legends (2010) reviews online.
I should admit right here that I know little about the HALO game. I’ve seen my kids play it at their cousin’s house. Seems like another “shoot the shit out of everything which moves”-type game, with some vague plotline behind it. My first thought was that this anthology of stories would be just a cheap spinoff of a hugely popular game. Another way for the evil Microsoft Corporation to cash in on a fabulous moneymaking franchise.

The obvious analogy for me is Animatrix, based on The Matrix trilogy. I loved Animatrix, so HALO Legends has a tough act to follow in my books. OK, so maybe the HALO version didn’t have the sort of budget which the Wachowski brothers can arrange, but it should look something similar: a series of stories which help fill in gaps in the storyline and add detail to followers of the HALO universe. You should also expect some imaginative twists in the story telling.

I was interested in the views of my sons, who did know the game storyline well. They liked Be Human, The Babysitter and the rather strange third segment, which uses a distinctive and imaginative watercolour-style technique. They thought the last one, the CGI effort, was a joke: bad computer animation and some of the corniest dialogue they had every heard. It’s hard for me to disagree. I have read somewhere that this last segment is meant to be a send-up of the HALO characters. I certainly hope so, although even if it is, it’s still lame.

I like the idea of anthologies: bringing different directors and studios together to work on a common project, and allowing them to express their ideas in their own way. Perhaps you will like HALO Legends. I liked bits of it. To me, it runs a very distant second to Animatrix. I look forward to seeing other anthologies in the future.

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